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"Ghost in my Bed"Suzanne Santo
Watsky Exquisite CorpseMusic Video
Moto9Feature Film Intro
Gentlemen LobstersWeb Series
Watsky LAMVFPromo
BelieverImagine Dragons
Cold CaseA&E
GODSMusic Video
Red Clouds CollectiveBrand Film
PanopticonAaron Keene
Psychology 102b : Extra CreditShort Film
NovaJames Blandon
New 90'z ShitKing Xtra
SuffragetteFocus Features

about &idealists:

My name is William T. Bailey IV but I work under the name &IDEALISTS (I think it suits my idealistic personality a bit better than my royal blood name). About 3 years ago I left my career in graphic design, web development, and marketing to pursue filmmaking. Feeling "too old at 29" for film school I went the hands on route and hit craigslist running. A few days later I booked my first P.A. job and have since worked my up to becoming the director, writer, animator, and editor I am now.

I call Los Angeles home. I've got a great girl (who doubles as an easter egg in all my projects) and we have an old cat we found living under a boat named "Chooves". I also love the cold brew from Cofax on Fairfax.


Video Production, VFX, Motion Graphics, Animation, and Photography



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